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Material: ABS
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) : about 17.5cm x 5.5cm x 6cm / 6.89 x 2.17 x 2.36 inch
USB Cable Length: about 80cm/31.50-inch
Voltage: USB 5V (connected to the console via accessory USB cable)
Current: Maximum charging current is up to 800mA in the case of charging a single original PS4 controller; the maximum charging current is 400mA for either of the two original PS Move controllers being charged at the same time
Charging time: The original PS4 controller can be fully charged in 2.5 to 3 hours

Use Instructions

Insert the MicroUSB plug of the provided standard charging cable into the MicroUSB socket of the charger and then insert the USB plug of the cable into the PS4 console (or into the USB socket of a computer or other standard DC 5V power adapters). Now the trademark on the front lens will become on in white and the two PS4 icons will become on in green to wait for PS4 controllers to be inserted for charging.
Mount PS4 controller upright onto the charger and ensure that the EXT interface of the PS4 controller is correctly inserted into the charging terminal of the product. When the controller is normally charged on the charger, the corresponding PS4 controller icon on the front lens will turn from green to red.
When the PS4 controller is fully charged, the charging indicator icon of the corresponding PS4 controller will turn from red to green and remain on in green to show that the PS4 controller has been fully charged.

Points for attentionduring the charging process:

(1) When the PS4 controller is charged without connection to the PS4 console, the indicator lamp on the controller blinks in the orange color and is off when fully charged; when a fully charged controller is connected to the charger, only the yellow indicator lamp blinks and then turns off.
(2) When the PS4controlleris charged with connection to the PS4 console, the indicator lamp is blue all the way. To check if it is being charged, press and hold the PS button and acontrollerbattery symbol will appear at the right bottom of the screen; check the three electricity bars to see if they are flowing; if not, it indicates that the controller is fully charged.
(3) When being charged, the PS4 controller receives electric energy required for vibration through the rechargeable battery, so the indicator lamp may change between red and green. When the PS4 controller is fully charged, the indicator lamp on the controller will be off and there will be no light in the charging socket, showing that the controller has been fully charged.

The builtin battery of the PS4 controller with a protective function begins to charge only when the power is below 70%., If the controller is interrupted in charging process, then put it for charging again, and if its power is over 70% but below 100%, the charging will stop. In this power status, the controller’s use time can be a bit shorter than if it was otherwise fully charged.

Package Included:

1 x Charging Dock
1 x USB Cable

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