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PMS5003 PM2.5 Air Particle Dust Sensor Laser Digital Output Module High Precision Air Haze Detection Smart Home Device


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PMS5003 PM2.5 Air Particle Dust Sensor Laser Digital Output Module High Precision Air Haze Detection Smart Home Device

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Main characteristics:
– Zero false alarm rate
– Real-time response
– Correct data
– Minimum distinguishable particle diameter: 0.3 micrometer
– High anti-interference performance because of the patent structure of six sides shielding
– Optional direction of air inlet and outlet in order to adapt the different design
PMS5003 is a kind of digital and universal particle concentration sensor, which can be used to obtain the number of suspended particles in the air, i.e. the concentration of particles, and output them in the form of digital interface. This sensor can be inserted into variable instruments related to the concentration of suspended particles in the air or other environmental improvement equipment to provide correct concentration data in time.
Working principle:
Laser scattering principle is used for such sensor, i.e. produce scattering by using the laser to radiate suspending particles in the air, then collect scattering light in a certain degree, and finally obtain the curve of scattering light change with time. In the end, equivalent particle diameter and the number of particles with different diameter per unit volume can be calculated by microprocessor-based on MIE theory. Please find the functional diagram of each part of the sensor from Figure 1 as follows.

Range of measurement0.3~1.0; 1.0~2.5, 2.5~10Micrometer (um)
Counting Efficiency50%@0.3um 98%@>=0.5um 
Effective Range (PM2.5 standard)0-500U g/m³
Maximum Range (PM2.5 standard)≥1000U g/m³
Resolution1U g/m³
Maximum Consistency Error±10%@100~500ug/m³ 
(PM2.5 standard data)*±10u g/m³@0~100ug/m³
Standard Volume0.1Litre (L)
Single Response Time<1Second (s)
Total Response Time≤10Second (s)
DC Power SupplyTyp:5.0 Min:4.5 Max: 5.5Volt (V)
Active Current≤100Milliampere (mA)
Standby Current≤200Microampere (u A)
Interface LevelL<[email protected]>[email protected]Volt (V)
Working Temperature Range-10~+60°C
Working Humidity Range0-99% 
Storage Temperature Range-40 ~+80°C
MTTF≥3Year (Y)
Physical Size50 x 38 x 21Millimeter (mm)


Note 1: Maximum range means that the highest output value of the PM2.5 standard data is not less than 1000.
Note 2: “PM2.5 standard data” is the “data2” in the appendix.


Output result:
Mainly output as the quality and number of each particle with different size per unit volume, the unit volume of particle number is 0.1L and the unit of mass concentration is g/m³.
There are two options for digital output: passive and active. The default mode is active after power-up. In this mode, sensor would send serial data to the host automatically.The active mode is divided into two sub-modes: stable mode and fast mode. If the concentration change is small the sensor would run at stable mode with the real interval of 2.3s. And if the change is big the sensor would be changed to fast mode automatically with the interval of 200~800ms, the higher of the concentration, the shorter of the interval.

Package includes:

1 x Dust Sensor


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