Pyboard V1.1-CN MicroPython Programming/STM32/MCU Embedded Experimental Development Board


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Micropyton refers to the micro controller using the Python programming language, learn a single-chip microcomputer and embedded development friend should know early microcontroller using assembly language to programming, with the development of the microprocessor, then gradually replaced by C now microprocessor integration is becoming more and more high, so we can use now- Python language to develop.That is, the embedded hardware functionality that used to take days to write can now be solved in just a few minutes or even a few lines of code based on MicroPython. “Life is short. I use Python and MicroPy thon.”
Pin Instructions:
V+: 3.6v-6v input (when plugged into USB, it is powered by USB, the voltage is 5V, it is recommended to use USB port for power supply)
3V3: 3.3v output, maximum current 250mV
VBAT: lithium battery input (onboard FET protection circuit, xh-2.54 2P interface on the back)
VBAT: backup battery
A3V3: analog reference voltage, connected to 3V3
X9/X10: when using onboard triaxial acceleration timing is in 12C mode
X17: when the USR key is pressed, the X17 will connect to GND through a 4.7k resistance
P2-p5: connect 4 LEDs and light up with high level output 10
SD sw :A8 to check if SD card is inserted to switch
Mma-int :B2 is used to receive interrupts generated by onboard accelerometers
Mma-avdd: the B5 is connected to the AVDD pin of the onboard accelerometer
BOOTO: connect to 3V3, reset to DFU mode
Package Included:
1 x Pyboard V1.1-CN MicroPython Programming Experimental Development Board

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